Mayo Lake Claims Groups, Yukon Territory


Carlin-Roop- is composed of 186 contiguous quartz claims covering an area of 36.3 square kilometres east of the community of Keno on NTS map sheet 105M.

Granite Creek was historically prospected for placer potential. Beginning in 2013, a placer operation has been active and pockets containing up to 300 ounces of gold have been mined. Many tributaries to Granite Creek have been staked for their placer potential. The placer operation on Granite Creek can be accessed by a road originating in Keno where it connects to Yukon’s highway network.

The Property has been subjected to multiple glaciations. During the earliest glaciation, the McConnell Glaciation, ice moved up Granite Creek where it terminated. Within the limit of the McConnell glaciation most of the terrain is covered by variable thicknesses of till. The upper limit of the McConnell Glaciation is partially marked by lateral moraines and kame terraces at low elevations. During an earlier glaciation, the Reid Glaciation, ice flowed west over the divide to Keystone and covered most of the highlands lateral to Granite Creek. This ice was probably cold-based, resulting in minimal glacial transport on the uplands.

Carlin-Roop is underlain by Keno Hill Quartzite interlayered with minor andesitic volcanics and intruded by Triassic gabbros and the Cretaceous Roop Lakes Stock. A contact metamorphic aureole extends up to 4 kilometres away from the stock impacting most units underlying the property. Outcrop is uncommon on the property, mostly occurring along scarps above glacial valleys.

Carlin-Roop is fully permitted for advanced exploration. A1km long silver in soil anomaly with a core zone 400m long with 15-45 g Ag/t in soil is well defined on the western edge of the project (Figure 5). This structure has also been confirmed with a ground mag survey indicating the bedrock structure cuts through the bedding (Figure 14). Other gold in soil anomalies have been identified on the property, e.g. a 700m long soil anomaly with gold contents up to 58 ppb Au and a 350m long soil anomaly with contents to 45 ppb Au. The bedrock source for the Granite and Keystone Creek placer projects is still unknown and possibly exists on the Property.

Trenching, and possibly follow-up drilling, of the silver anomaly is a priority for future exploration.

Figure 14. Ground magnetics and Ag in soil anomaly at Carlin-Roop.


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