Mayo Lake Claims Groups, Yukon Territory

Cascade claim Group

The Cascade claim group is composed of 52 contiguous quartz claims covering an area of 10.5 square kilometres near Mayo Lake on NTS map sheet 105M10. Cascade covers a prominence overlooking a former producing placer creek draining into the Nelson Arm of Mayo Lake. The prominence on the claim group has moderate slopes. Cascade Creek, which is narrow and confined by moderate to steep slopes drains the property.

Access to the property is primarily by helicopter. The claim group is also accessible from Mayo Lake, which has a boat launch at its west end. An old road leading from the lake crosses the south part of Cascade and could be extended and upgraded.

The area has been subjected to multiple glaciations. The youngest Pleistocene glaciation, the McConnell Glaciation, was confined to the trunk valleys occupied by Mayo and Williamson lakes. These valleys were filled with westward fast-flowing ice that scoured their bottoms and sides. During the peak of the McConnell Glaciation ice likely completely covered Cascade. The ice was probably cold-based due to the elevation of the upland, and transport of rock and debris was minimal, as evidenced by landforms. The surface cover is a mixture of colluvium and till.

Cascade is underlain by the Robert Service Thrust. The Thrust is sub-horizontal, and underlies much of the claim group locally and a plateau to the north. It includes a complex intermingling of Hyland Group Metasediments intruded by competent gabbroic rocks and amphibolite dykes. The surface trace of the thrust is mapped to the north of the Property but geophysics suggests that the surface trace further to the south where it is folded around the nose of the Mayo Lake Antiform on or near this claim group. This structurally complex zone has good potential to host mineralized structures (Figure 12). Reconnaissance sampling suggests the presence of a 1 to 2 kilometre gold in soil anomaly, with the most anomalous sample yielding 2.25 g Au/t. Definition sampling is needed to better define the anomalies shape or continuity for drill targeting.

Figure 12: Airborne magnetics and results of reconnaissance geochemical sampling at Cascade.

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